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Sabai De ka Medical Massage 2 days course (10 hour)
Including: Book,  Certificate, Coffee, Hot Green tea, Water

Course fee: 12,000 Baht.

This Course students have to know Thai massage Before. Students will learn technique how to do medical massage to fix the Body problem. And Basic Technique How to do Suctional Cupping Therapy.

Suction Cupping Therapy.
In fact, the body is a comprehensive system that needs to be balanced in order to work properly. An imbalance to your system can make you sick. For example, if too much toxin made their way inside your system, it will create enormous disruptions in your body which could lead to sickness. In like manner, if cold air packets have penetrated your muscles nerves, it could cause common sickness and pains. Cupping will use heat to suck out those toxins and accumulated stress and tensions. The suction created through cupping method will loosen impacted nerve endings thus restoring them to their original state.

Study 5 hour per day Class start at 10am-4pm And Break for lunch time 1 hour 12-1 pm. You can start a course anyday But you have to booking in Advance . We are not accept to booking by e-mail or by phone. You have to drop by our school to register and pay to confirm your schedule 1-2 days in advance.  Register time from 10.00am - 4.30pm.

PS: You can email to check schedule before you come and if you besure about a course you want to take and the date you want to start a course we can block schedule for you before But when you arrive chiangmai you have to drop by our school to register and pay to confirm your schedule in advance.

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